Zoinkzot Squiggrab – Gloomspite Gitz Army Lore

Zoinkzot Squiggrab of Da Moon Looterz

I recently joined AoS YouTuber Kitetsu’s Facebook Group and jumped at the chance to take part in the group’s Tale of X Clanlords challenge. The main reason for doing so is to give me a bit more incentive to paint and hopefully finish my Gloomspite Gitz army.

The challenge for the first month was to complete the General for your army. So I chose the Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig I got in the Looncurse box to lead my Gloomspite Gitz.

As part of building out my army I’m flexing my creative muscles and writing some lore to go along with the units I paint. Here is the lore for my General, Zoinkzot Squiggrab of Da Moon Looterz!

Born in the the cavernous remains of the god-squig Boingob in the Realm of Ghyran. Zoinkzot always had an affinity for squigs, able to martial even the most unruly of them for raiding parties.

One day the Bad Moon made its presence known to the Real of Life. As the Gitz living within Boingob’s skull whipped themselves into a frenzy. Pouring out of the depths onto the unsuspecting settlements dotted around the Orborean Woods. The Bad Moon’s sickly light caused the looncap fungi Zoinkzot tended for his squigs to erupt around him. He inhaled the spores, transcending into a higher state of being. As his mouth frothed and his mind wandered into the great cosmos, his hand reached out and grabbed the most ferocious and untameable squig in his herd, Stormtoof Cacklesmasha. Holding on with a supernatural grip Zoinkzot charged into battle as the Bad Moon’s gaze bombarded his mind.

During the chaos of the fight Zoinkzot’s crazed and unstoppable charge across the battlefied caused many Grots to stop and take notice of him. While those around him were impressed with his skill and ferocity, Zoinkzot’s mind was elsewhere. Each kill made what the Bad Moon was trying to tell him come into focus. He was now blessed with a vision and a purpose:

He was to become one with the Bad Moon itself by bounding so high that it embraced him. Bringing forth the Eva Dank, making him the greatest squig bounding git that ever lived.

Now Zoinkzot has united a horde of Gloomspite Gitz under his banner. All working towards the goal of becoming one with the Bad Moon. Which naturally for Grots is something that can only be achieved by creating as much carnage as possible.

Now the free peoples of the Ghyran live in fear of feeling the presence of the Bad Moon. This is because wherever the Bad Moon shines its light, Zoinkzot Squiggrab and Da Moon Looterz aren’t far behind. Bringing with them a bouncing and bounding tide of mischief, death and destruction.

I’ll hopefully be posting a painting guide for Zoinkzot Squiggrab soon. Watch this space!

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