Warhammer+ Hopes & Dreams

Warhammer+ is launching this week and promises to be your one stop shop for all things Warhammer. Just look at what has been revealed so far!

Event Extras? I hope its something more than an art print and is at more than one event. Special Preview Panels and the like would be cool. What I’m saying is, if it is part of the subscription make it worth my time to travel to an event.

Warhammer Vault! Now we’re talking! A growing library of juicy lore and back issues of White Dwarf. I expect everyone to be a Loremaster by the end of the first year. Personally I’m not expecting a lot here at first. This is going to be a content bin for out of print rules, magazines and books that have run their course through traditional channels.

Free Miniature! Both of these are legit great, I might even throw down the cash to get the one I don’t choose for free.

ANIMATION! If all goes well this will be the main reason people subscribe. The Old Bale Eye preview episode was a delight. With a mix of grim dark and dare I say it, fun entertainment. A few people are still harping on about how this is somehow the death of the Warhammer Community. But….it’s not really is it? A bunch of fan animation teams have been brought on board to produce this stuff. While all the other stuff is just legal necessity to keep the Warhammer train going for another 10K years.

APPS! Great to see the subscription costs for these rolled into Warhammer+. Basically if you use (or plan to use) either or both of the apps, for a few extra bones each month you get a bunch more stuff. Now if only they would give native iPad OS support to the 40K app and actually release the new Age of Sigmar app!

Exclusive Shows! This is the thing I am most excited by. We all know and love this kind of hobby content on YouTube. GW have been dabbling with it for the past few years but this is them doubling down on what helped make this hobby so huge in the past decade. It is going to be cool seeing battle reports, lore videos and painting tutorials from inside GW. Made to a high standard and taking advantage of things your average YouTuber cannot. Like being able to access GW archives for those lore videos.

It is a pretty robust initial offering but as we know subscription services live and die by their ongoing support. Here’s a few things I’d like to see added to Warhammer+.

AGE OF SIGMAR! The free mini, app sub and promise of AoS battle reports aside. There is no dedicated Age of Sigmar content. Especially on the animations side of things. 40K is the big money maker so I understand the focus but having nothing AoS in the initial line up stings. A lot.

A Tale of Four Warlords. The best ongoing series in White Dwarf is perfect fodder for an exclusive show. Especially if you can get the audience involved and building their own armies alongside the Warlords.

Terrain Building. I want video guides to make and paint the best scenery for my tabletop in both the Mortal Realms and 41st Millennium.

In-Depth Previews. Keep the preview streams and WarCom articles for the masses but please use Warhammer+ to give in-depth looks at upcoming releases. Show off alternate paint schemes, how they work on the tabletop and all that.

Behind the Scenes. Show us the journey of how a model, box or book is produced. I think it would help people realise how far ahead GW have to work and how reactive the process is despite the heavy lead time.

Community Showcase. This is really a no brainier. Take those twitter and twitch shoutouts to the next level. Community is king and celebrating that would be a cool thing to see.

AGE OF SIGMAR! Seriously, get it together GW.

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