Using the new painting system – Hobby Progress 25/07/19

After two-ish months away from painting I am feeling a bit rusty but a lot has changed during my short break from the hobby.

Citadel revamped their paints range, releasing Contrast Paints into the wild. Which are essentially a base coat and highlight layer in one. Citadel also threw a couple of new painting standards at hobbyists at the same time too. Now instead of, “Done” and “Not Done” we have, “Battle Ready” and “Parade Ready.”

Parade Ready is the traditional completed model painted to a high standard with all its highlights, washes, basing, etc. Battle Ready is just your core colours and a basic basing pass, typically achieved with the new Contrast Paints. Perfect for people just getting started in the hobby and/or wanting to get things onto the gaming table ASAP.

I wanted to get to grips with the new paints and standards. So I set myself a mission: Get the Sylthaneth from the Looncurse box Battle Ready as quickly as possible.

I am very happy to say the mini challenge was a success! I now have a small Battle Ready Sylthaneth army that looks good. Really good. Without doing any highlighting or other work…yet. That will come later because I can’t help myself.

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