My thoughts on the Cursed City situation

I had such grand plans….

Warhammer Quest Cursed City was to be my springboard for a bunch of written and video content. As soon as it was announced I knew it was the game for me. All the refinements of Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress but with a superior grim dark Age of Sigmar setting with NEW vampire models. The promise of ongoing support and expansions had me loosely planning a roadmap of work.

Then the dream died.

At the time of writing Warhammer Quest Cursed City is sold out and is unlikely to receive additional print runs. The drama around it all is documented extensively elsewhere but the short version is,

  • Curse City was meant to be an ongoing product line like Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress.
  • The first wave of boxes were produced.
  • It was announced.
  • Warhammer Community reps on social media assured worried fans that this was an ongoing release and not to panic about buying it on day one.
  • Pre-orders opened and quickly sold out, both online and for 3rd party retailers.
  • Something happened.
  • The game launched and despite some stock issues people were mostly happy.
  • Then the Warhammer Community responses about Cursed City being an evergreen product disappeared.
  • As did the game from the Games Workshop webstore.
  • Then came the tweet the shook the Warhammer part of the internet: It was gone and would not be coming back.
  • Speculation, conjecture and plain old bullshit ran rampant online.

Super tl;dr version: Cursed City was going to be like Blackstone Fortress but something happened and now it is a limited run product. Cursed City is sold out at stock and will not be reprinted, at least for the time being.

Which sucks, it really fucking sucks.

(Note: theĀ fuckingĀ here is not one of entitlement but lament for a product that died before its time)

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